• 5 Things To Do When Your Roof Leaks

    Finding a leak or damage to your roof can be a stressful problem; and if you don’t have any experience with roofers, you may not know where to start. Many people ask friends or family for a recommendation, while others search online. But no matter where you start, here are a few tips to help you avoid making a costly mistake.
  • Beware of Storm Chasers

    When the weather heats up and hurricane season reaches its peak, roofers and other contractors will start showing up in communities up-and-down the coast to offer their repair services. Managing the after effects of a natural disaster is a challenge in its own right, but how do you know who has legitimate experience and who may be trying to take advantage of you?
  • Inspecting Your Roof

    Over time, your roof experiences the same aging problems as the rest of your home. Shingles and flashing expand and contract as the temperatures change. Here in Northeast Florida, the hot sun and long summers mean the life of a roof is shorter than some other places, meaning you should begin considering a re-roof after about 15 years.

The Dubo Difference

DUBO takes great pride in the dedication and skill of the members of our professional roofing team. To become part of our team, professional roofers must be dedicated to developing and deploying the best practices in the roofing industry. Our shared experience and continual drive toward improvement is what gives our team the leading edge in providing professional roofing services in Jacksonville.

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